The Chalk Talks

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Chris Jenkins, Ian Whitmore, installation, The Royal (2013).

This Arts Council funded exhibition was the culmination of a Four week collaborative residency with Chris Jenkins and Ian Whitmore. Exploring themes of narrative, history and loss. The artists worked together, co-created with students and with the help of Foal Arts curated an exhibition of several chosen contemporary artists from the Solent area. Unusual found objects were also exhibited alongside artworks, creating the feel of a museum, whilst the artists controlled the narrative and imagined new histories.

The Royal (2013) was a sculptural installation that dominated the exhibition. Wrecked timbers were host to hundreds of names and initials, echoing the nameless lost men, women and children that went down in the disaster. The red LED screen scrolling the names gave the unknown lost an updated representation, bridging the gap that makes it easier to disconnect from the horrific reality of such events.