Joanne Hummel-Newell

The free flowing eclectic world of Hummel-Newell is a journey through the scavenged, neglected and overlooked.

Outdated bus tickets, kids drawings and shoppings lists are some of the everyday ephemera that meet scissors and random acts of chance in a magical mystery tour that wrestles clarification, creative destruction and a quirky sense of wit.

Hummel-Newell plays out innovative acts of ordering and reactivating of the the anonymous and ubiquitous things we meet and part company with on a daily basis.

In doing new sensations ebb and flow, both in and outside the physical space that is the canvas, from shape to colour; form to pattern. Hummel-Newell’s work combines a bold and vibrant sensitivity to raw ephemera in which to revisit our world. The instantaneous, forever changing and obsolete is held monetarily in a creative balancing act of heady immersion and operative analysis.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, Joanne Hummel-Newell has exhibited in the 53rd Venice Biennale, The RA Summer Exhibition and The Jerwood Drawing Prize. Other International exhibitions include the Nomas Foundation in Rome and Kunstraum Kreuzberg in Berlin. As well as receiving a number of prizes, her work has been featured in the Times and Observer Newspaper and resides in private and public collections in United States, Hong Kong, Australia and London.