Ergo Phizmiz

“Families, Intimate Situations, Opium Architecture & the Behemoth”
1-9 Dec 2012

Collages in various forms of printed paper with guest appearances from all-sorts of other material including pens, pins, and stick insects, by Ergo Phizmiz

“I have slow hands. It’s a great shame. I can play piano, but slowly. It’s not for want of trying. Oh, the endless hours of sitting in my bedroom as a young scallywag attempting to train my snail-like digits to behave with the speed and dexterity I dreamed of.

If my fingers had been equipped with the facility of speed then no doubt I would have ended up as one of two things: a piano player, or a magician. Unfortunately nature did not grant me with this kind of equipment.

Lears Surprise - Ergo Phizmiz

Lears Surprise – Ergo Phizmiz

This led me at an early age away from music performance and my magic wand, then deep into the belly of composition, a world which I found to be a Wonderland full of riddles, games, and tricks, whilst simultaneously always telling its own story. The ability suggested by the process of making music compositions on a computer, where perspectives can suddenly shift, permutations are infinite, and every transformation possible, revealed itself to be nothing more than: An Immediate Alchemy Machine!

Consequently I became fascinated by the secrets inside the mechanics of creative works, the fine line between transformation and trickery, the malleability of matter and meaning. “Playing Art” rather than “Making Art”.

My work spans radioplays, theatre, opera, installations, songwriting, animation, film, puppetry, and collage.

The collages in this exhibition were all made, mainly in the living room in Bridport, over the past two years. They are games-with-perspective, mini soap-operas, static-operas, opium-dreams, opium-operas, religious-icons, dogs, and architecture.

You will also meet the surprise Edward Lear received in his flower-vase via a sharp peck on the nose, see George Frideric Handel’s favourite board-game, and discover where Jesus liked to go on holiday.”

Ergo Phizmiz