Christopher Jenkins

I grew up exploring the Thames and its abandoned buildings, ships and shores. Trained as an illustrator, my work has diversified to include sculpture, installation and outdoor structural assemblage but kept a narrative core. These pieces are mainly made by assemblage, using obsolete machinery and natural materials to create detailed architectural sculptures. I also make much larger installations featuring structures, towers, ships and platforms as well as Paintings and drawings.

My intention is to quietly invite the viewer to explore a personal vein of narrative and trigger an interaction through these works, as well as present my own preoccupation with human shelter, nostalgia and emotion. Desolate shells of buildings and burned out rigs contrast against impossibly colourful towers and Imagined landscapes. I am interested in what came before and is now absent, the emptiness after activity and above all the celebration of the loss of these moments as the people and places involved constantly change. We imagine a reason for them to exist and in turn we hope to be imagined one day.